Long Term Contract Hire

Long Term Contract Hire

Find you need something more long term with a full maintenance package? Not a problem Roberts Transport Self Drive Hire Limited also has this covered. Contract Hire with maintenance offers each customer the peace of mind that each you know what your vehicle is going to cost you, with no scary repair costs we can take care of everything for you.(Excludes damage and driver abuse/negligence).


Benefits of Long Term Contract

  • Frees up capital to spend elsewhere in your business
  • Individual contracts tailored to suit you and your business needs
  • Cost effective method of ownership
  • Monthly rates are fixed throughout the period of the contract, enabling accurate budgeting
  • Full Maintenance including servicing and tyres

What we offer

  • 12 - 60 month contract terms
  • Tailored mileage restrictions
  • Cost in and organise the fitting of any additional items I. E amour plates, load locks and even organise for your company livery to be supplied and applied to the vehicle
  • Vehicle tracking with individual system login

*All contracts are subject to terms and conditions - Subject to eligibility - Deposit required at time of order

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